Monday, October 31, 2011

What a "Fall"

It was a hell of fall, literally! To kick off the fall season, I went rock climbing in the canyon on my birthday with my brothers and Laura. The day started off with a few missing pieces of equipment and an exploded bottle of beer in my rope bag...the day finished at around noon in the ER after taking a 40ft whipper, breaking my ankle in two spots and tearing a few major ligaments completely in half, then needing to be carried out on my brothers back for no less than a mile down the mountain (thanks Andrew!).

Somehow, all of this managed to heal up as of last week without any surgery! Maybe it was from my healthy diet of milk and Oreo's, or just my new found ability to heal after repetitively hurting myself...

Anyways, its been tough being off my feet for a bit, and now I feel better than ever getting out to the shop to get some good ole fashion manual labor in! Keep those orders coming so I can stay in the shop where I wont get hurt!

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