Monday, September 26, 2011

A little (skate)Boardom

Right right, not actually boredom, because Ive been swamped with Longboard orders for the last 4 weeks. Boardom, as in being dominated with board orders...

I was beginning to enjoy the spike in business, until I broke my ankle on my birthday - which makes building a boards a bit more, say, interesting. Sadly, this wasnt the first birthday Ive spent in the ER. The good news is, I saved a bunch of money on my car, I mean health, insurance...since it expired the day of my birthday and I just scraped by! It also forced me to slow down to the point of turning out amazing products for half the price!

Here are some photos of the boards. The quality has come a long way since our first board a few years ago. Hopefully all you Bozemanites out there will enjoy riding them enough to refer your friends so we can continue to produce these beasts!

Everyone has been pretty excited about the 42" cambered fish tail model originally made for my neighbor Adam as a new design.

Ethan Higgins had a custom sketch of the flyers logo sublimated on an orange background. He was pretty psyched on his custom graphics!

The guys from the UK wanted some custom graphics of bozeman and the mountains, one with a slightly different look than the other. Stoked with how these came out!

The 30" Makaha was a big hit, with 2 layers of glass and a maple layup with cherry stringers giving it a strong ride with a beautiful look.

And our wholesale account came through in time to hook all these lucky customers up with completes at less than $100!

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