Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey yall,

Its been a while since Ive put anything up on here, but since Brad has been encouraging me, and I no longer have the excuse of too little time since breaking my foot, heres a little update:

A few weeks back we set up shop on campus for three days, 10 hours a day, for the annual Catapalooza event, which was great!I spent the week prior pressing some fresh skis and boards for display, along with finishing some really nice reclaimed barn wood for the booth. I dont think I sat down for more than 15 minutes the whole time, and am now capable of carrying on conversations with 5 people at a time. I gave out over 300 business cards, 150 brochures and made some really awesome connections. Super stoked to be working with the kids from the UK, as well as some really rad new skiers in town. Hope everyone is enjoying their boards that have been delivered since the event, and Im really excited to get going on the new orders for this winter.

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