Thursday, March 10, 2011

A non-nutritive food varnish

Some Senecas sunbathing in front of hollywood wall and Arrowhead Peak

All you Chevy Chase fans out there know what Im talking about (you know who you are).

I finally left the confines of the shop this week for some non-nutritive fun in the backcountry! The snow was pretty good, faceshots here and there, and even a little bit of inverted air. But the recent snow met its maker -- the wind -- and after seeing a dozen lines slide, we decided to bail on the big lines. Even so, a nice day in the backcountry to boost spirits was just what I needed, and so far it seems to have worked. I busted out two pairs of skis in the last 8 hours, and have material prepped for another 10. Hopefully well get the heat on two or three today, and hit the ground running tomorrow...and I think I might even go skiing again soon??!!

Sleds are nice...!

Ben ripping 10 inches of new snow heading into Frazier Basin

The wind picked up and dumped another foot of snow into our exit chute...halfway up we got a nice slab to break so we headed for the rocks...has anyone ever tried rock climbing in ski boots?

We built a little booter to get some stoke after striking out with skiing lines...not a bad little mini sesh with laid out backflips, lincolns and a rodeo or two all in about 20 minutes...then to the bar! Rider: Ben Kinsella

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