Monday, November 14, 2011

The 2011 Crystal Ball for Eagle Mount

Eagle Mount, a local non-profit dedicated to providing theraputic recreation for people with disabilities, invited Laura and I to their annual ball. Not only was it an incredible tuxedo wearing night,we were able to donate 20 pairs of skis to help raise money for Eagle Mount. To my surprise, there was an offer made to match any contribution made during the cash call. All in all, we helped raise over $30,000 for Eagle Mount, as well as providing some of the most Amazing business owners, entrepreneurs and athletes with handbuilt Seneca Boards.

As if the evening couldnt get better, Laura and I had the honor of dining with local legends Conrad Anker and Jenny Lowe-Anker as well as Big Sky's mountain manager Mike Unruh and his wife Jenner, amongst others.

By the end of the spectacular evening, 20 pairs of skis (5 more than we had donated) were auctioned off to the likes of Lee Poole, founder of Moonlight Basin, Dean Folkvord, GM and CEO of Wheat Montana, and Conrad Anker, world class climber and legend. I am so excited to have contributed and been a part of this event, and cannot wait to work with all of these outstanding people!

Thank you for your interest and support, to our new customers, and the entire staff at Eagle Mount; Especially Mary Peterson and Heather Collins!

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