Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy Bees

Its been a month of 5:00 am mornings and sleepless nights. Its hard to do anything but work work work trying to get tooled up and ready to produce the first batch of skis. The long hours are finally starting to pay off. With a new 120" 500lb bandsaw, an 80" edge grinder, 6000cfm dust collector, air filtration system and even a drill press, all weve been lacking is a new press

...speaking of which, here she blows!

Machined and welded legs (and the new bandsaw finally upright)

Lifting the steel: 600lbs a piece

I had to rip apart the service box to get enough juice for the welder...does this look dangerous?!

VOILA! Enough power to weld, and we even put up some drywall to keep the sparks from catching the rest of the shop on fire! Thanks for the welding Andrew, you da man!

finished frame: just waiting on the hydraulic rams

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