Friday, January 14, 2011

hallelujah! Holy Shit! Wheres the tylenol!?!!

Yes thats right, we are now allowed to swear in the blog world...although only if its a Chevy Chase quote...but seriously, holy shit. I have been running on fumes, working my arse off and not only is there no tylenol, but its 45 degrees out and there has been no skiing either.

We are tooling up for a nice production run, building a new press, ordering bulk materials to save you, our loyal friends and future customers, money and time! While all of this continues at a wicked rate, we actually still find time to knock out some boards every day or so...and heres the latest "Murph" Prototype! So stoked at the quality the last dozen pairs, and cant wait to spec out some new models! Enjoy the photos yall!

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