Saturday, January 29, 2011

Does size really matter?... INTRODUCING the Seneca Boards 100,000 lb press!...because size does matter

PHEW! A nice makeover for our press...two weeks of searching for suitable steel, designing, re-designing, derivatives, integrals and even a few baffled engineers...and...VOILA...a new press! With all of the new gizmos and gadgets installed, we should be able to bang out up to 10 pairs of skis per day with this beasts single cavity...or 20 with it set up as a double cavity press!...and maybe a few extra employees... In the meantime, thanks to everyone who helped get us to this point, especially everyone that helped with the redesign, engineering etc....Pat Lau, Riley, Ben Kinsella for the books, Laura for not hating me for talking about Seneca all day, parents, brothers etc...! Now lets see what she can do!

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