Thursday, April 16, 2015

Early Release of 2016 Carbon Backcountry Skis

Seneca Boards, a Bozeman based ski and snowboard manufacturer established in 2006, announced a 4-month early limited edition release of the 2016 backcountry specific skis and split-boards today. Products are typically made for release in the fall when demand starts to increase in anticipation for the ski season, which also gives manufacturers the summer months to finish production.

The decision to release next year’s products early was made back in February to allow for an extra production run during the winter. One of the company’s core philosophies has been to challenge the status quo in the ski and snowboard industry, both with its practices and products. “Seneca continues to create innovative products every year” said Eric Newman, Founder and Product Developer at Seneca Boards “The goal of this early release is to demonstrate our commitment to doing things a little differently”

If releasing the skis early isn’t unique enough, the technology in their construction certainly is. The new backcountry skis feature a hybrid construction of fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is roughly twice as strong as steal, and ¼ the weight. But using it correctly is difficult, which is why we are only now seeing it used by mainstream manufacturers, such as DPS skis and the Volkl V-Werks. 

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