Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2016 Spring Sale!

After 8 years of making skis, we're finally ahead of schedule! That's right, we have over 30 pairs of skis in stock, demos available for 5 models and several prototypes, etc etc etc...

So to celebrate, were putting our gear on sale this spring to give our customers some extra incentive to be proactive. There's still plenty of snow out there, so come in and demo some skis before Big Sky closes, or check out a pair of backcountry skis to demo off piste - complete with AT Bindings and skins.

We have a brand new website, still a little rusty in areas, but there is new content everyday. And now you can buy our skis on Facebook as well! check out or for more info. Or, as always, pop into the shop for a complimentary brew and a tour of the ski factory!

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