Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summertime: Out with the old, in with the new; exciting updates for 2014!

Its easy to forget about your blog
with this just down the road

 Blog, what blog?

For a while I wasnt sure people were reading the blog all too much...or that we still had a blog at Seneca Boards. Then a friend of Seneca Boards, and writer, Jason Bacaj reminded me.Then blogger reminded me by released a new platform that allowed us to check traffic, and low and behold, people actually do check out the Blog! So, let me first apologize for again leaving all of you hanging, and then let me fill you in on some awesome updates.

Sorry, we havent been bloogging because weve been making skis and skiing

Yes, we have indeed been really busy! First, last fall we moved shop, more than doubled our space and added a lot of new equipment. The timing was tough, and much of the winter was spent building the new shop and gearing up for 2014, but we did manage to bang out nearly 100 new skis or so in the meantime. We added a CNC machine (think robot, but sexier...her name is Eeva) to our shop, Teamed up with US Ski Team Technician Pepi Culver, as well as Chris Newy and Ben Kinsella for tuning and composite work. A new ski press, sublimation and core press, along with a whole new approach to our manufacturing setup allowing for more production, and more skiing!...but I didnt want to stop there, we added a showroom to our 2500sf factory, and a mobile demo bus, called the cheiftain, which is actually a fully loaded posh RV complete with vinyl wrap, forced hot air winter heating system, shower, hot water, queen bed, twin bed and a Chevy 454 name a few.

Okay, lets just get to more writing, here are some pictures from the winter and the new shop!

Framing the Arcs tuning center, spraybooth, showroom and offices

Bringing in the 6,000 lb press

The cores starting to stack up in November

The new shops first batch of skis, still encased in flashing

SHOWROOM! Complete with wet bar and next years skate decks

And of course there are also  SKIS in the showroom; 2014 prototypes!

Some finishing touches on the RV for 2014

Well, suffice to say, things are going pretty well at Seneca Boards...and as such, its time to take this little endeavor from a hobby to a full blown ski company. So stay tuned for regular blog updats, facebook updates and website updates. We will be ginving away free swag every month, and as always, stop into the shop for a complimentary brew and a tour of our factory!


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