Friday, January 7, 2011

Long time no see!

Sorry Y'all. Life has been getting crazy, and with the winter we've had so far this year, I almost forgot I had a blog! We are working on building a new press, fixing some pipes that burst from a coldspell at the shop, and YES, we are still pressing skis! Before I left for christmas, I had a few last minute orders, as well as some patient old orders. I was able to put my head down and bust out some product, and not only are they the best skis to date, our production times are down to 5 hours per pair on the last batch of 6. Hopefully we can keep this momentum up, and if thats the case, maybe I will have more time to ski...and to post updates on the blog!

hope to see you soon back in the blogging world!



  1. good to hear! what camber profile is the new press for? and where was this picture taken?

  2. Hey Bryan,

    The new press is actually going to be a production style press with interchangeable camber profiles. The molds that we have for it as of now are 11mm camber, 11mm reverse camber, and a 5mm camber -- 3mm tip/tail rocker mold.

    This picture was taken in Grizzley gulch, UT., located at the upper end of little cottonwood canyon (alta/snowbird canyon). You can see Flagstaff peak in the background.