Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freeskiing World Championships meet Seneca Boards

Pat Owen and I headed down to the Freeskiing World Championships last week to take a break from the real world. The conditions were aweful, but the weather was beautiful, and there was plenty of free beer and food to heal our ailing parts after days one through three of the qualifiers. Stoked after pat took first and I took second on the second day, we kept up our momentum to take fourth and fifth in the world for the semi-finals. Day five was amazing, and the conditions were much better than the west baldy venue, unfortunately, we both crashed in the finals, with pat finishing 32 in the world, and myself in 44th with a DQ. All things considered, it was a week to remember, with front flips, spraffys, big airs, mistaken home mountains and misreported news... and even a once in a decade Flambe from Redman and the Alta Peruvian Lodge. Thanks to everyone that came and helped out, cheered us on and made the trip everything that it was!

Yes, my skis came off twice in the finals...it was a tough last day...but after rock carnage, a double ejection on a cork 7, and total dis-qualification all on national live television, I earned a miniscule amount of redemption with a nice front flip in front of the finish line...woa

...And then there was a news story claiming Pat and I were from Snowbird...


..." Of the men that did qualify, those that came out on top were local to Salt Lake City; Pat Owen, of Snowbird earned a 35.40

score, followed by Eric Newman , of Snowbird with 34.50, behind him was David Wintzer, Park City, who nabbed a 31.83...."

But hey, you cant win em all...its been an awesome year, and despite being stuck indoors, Ive been doing what I love almost as much as skiing; building boards. It was a refreshing week, and I'm recharged and stoked to spend some more time in the shop while the snow gives way to spring time

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