Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The prototypes are done, the cow is fat, its time to slaughter

Thats right, Were wrapping up the prototypes, the emails are flowing in and its time to start making skis for the masses! The last few weeks have been out of control. We have our trusty graphic designer, Drew Pigott working on logos, brand identity development, and most importantly, GRAPHICS! We went on the air live last thursday with Missy at KISS FM to chat about our skis and the rail jam in March (the 7th to be exact), and this weekend we've got an interview with a reporter from the Kaimin in Missoula! The ski press is currently en route to its new shop location, along with its new facelift and a boatload of tools...but more importantly, its started snowing again, and thats what were here for after all! So, without further adieu, were getting our feet off the ground (pun intended, see wet martini on left!) with our man Tate Chamberlins product, the Chamberlin Airways...take it easy for now, well be back real soon with some details, ski gossip, more pictures...and WAY more stoke!

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