Thursday, February 12, 2009

The man, the myth and the legend; Tate Chamberlins Chamberlin Airways

Tate Chamberlin from Bozeman based Chamberlin Productions designed these sick stix about a month ago, and they should be ready for sending lines in AK by mid-month! The graphics are sublimed into the topsheet for the most crisp, scratch-resistant, hardcore ripping topsheet offered on the market today...and not only will they be accompanied by an Armada ARV inspired set of sticks, theyll also be ridden by our first sponsoree, Tate Chamberlin! Check out the full set later this winter when we give away two more pairs at the season blowout Rail Jam march 7th on main street, B-town! Stop by, check it out, enter...Get some! Thats all i got for now, gotta start packin for Utah! 

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