Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 4 Benefits of a Custom Ski

Top 4 Benefits of a Custom Ski
  1. Flex - On a custom pair of skis (such as Seneca's skis) there are normally three types of flex; soft, traditional and aggressive. Custom flex can be personalized to match your riding style.
  2. Sidecut - Refers to the turning radius on a ski. A custom sidecut on a ski can better match a pair of skis to a riding style as well as the terrain of the rider. Skis with extreme side cuts for groomer riding (wide tip, small under-toe) turn sharper than skis used for powder riding with little sidecut (wide tip, wide under-toe).
  3. Performance/Durability - For those riders that come into contact frequently with different elements of riding such as rocks, reinforcements (such as Kevlar) can be adjusted to the ski or board. For riders who stick mainly to park riding, a metal plate can be inserted underneath the foot to reinforce the structure when hitting a rail. To add strength to all Seneca skis the ends of the wood cores are cut to a half moon shape which fits nicely into our half moon shaped tip material to strengthen the weak points on the tip and tail rise.
  4. Graphics - Anyone can create graphics for their very own pair of skis; top sheet & bottom sheet. Graphics can be changed on the Seneca ski line (Polynesians, Bloody Marys, Shakenbabies) as well as on a custom pair of skis.

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