Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tao of the saddle peak

Yea, its true, I own a ski company and haven't skied in over a week. I hate to admit it. BUT, the shop is looking sharp, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the prototype study. Every day, all I can think about is skiing, and not being able to get out is wearing me thin. The bridger gully freeride is in two days, and then only a few weeks until the World Tour and US Freeskiing Nationals in Utah...

...then the other day I got slapped in the face when saddle peak slid to the ground. 8 foot crown, 1/4 mile wide, 2000 vertical feet with debris over 20 feet deep. Trees the size of my waist were snapped in half, and when the d4 avalanche (on a scale of destruction from 1-5) came to a halt, there were no injuries. As many as 11 people were initially reported on the face of saddle when it slid (later interviews reported far less) and miraculously, the death count was zero. So while I am a skier, torn by the sweetest job in the world, and the irony of barely skiing, and stuck inside building boards on a powder day, I am stoked to spend another day above ground, and to know that during the worst avi cycle in 100 years, my friends and family are still here too!

Stay safe

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